What is the Best Brainwave Entrainment Product?

What is the Best Brainwave Entrainment Product?

Which is the Best Brainwave Entrainment Product? 

the best brainwave entrainment productThis is a question that gets asked a lot, and is a little more complicated to answer than one may think.

There are many different factors to consider when deciding which brainwave entrainment is ‘THE BEST’. Quality is certainly an important factor. How consistent is the product at producing its advertised result? How well does the audio do in actually bringing your brain into the state it is meant to? This is just talking about the quality of the brainwave entrainment audios themselves. There is also the question of quality of the whole product/program. Brainwave entrainment is a powerful technology, and is also still a relatively new and unexplored technology. How well does the orchestration of the various audios/uses for the audios come together to produce its promised benefit?

Another very important factor to consider is personalization. Not every brainwave entrainment product is designed to do the same thing. Yes we can gather that an alpha audio is of course designed to bring the brain into an alpha state, but when you look at some of the most popular brainwave entrainment products on the market, you’ll see that they do not all aim towards the same end. One may be aimed at increasing confidence, one may be more targeted at instilling powerful beliefs into the subconscious mind, and one may be designed strictly to supercharge and speed up the same results that one would get from regular meditation.

With this preliminary statement, I am going to explore some of the best brainwave entrainment products on the market today, and give you some of my opinions, based on my own personal use and experiences with them.

What distinguishes the best brainwave entrainment products from all the rest?

One general similarity that we can conclude upon amongst all of these products is that they are all aimed at making a positive improvement in your life, so we can go from there.

When we start with the first factor mentioned above – the quality of the brainwave entrainment audio – we limit the choices down to a few contestants.

There are three products that I would consider to be candidates for the best brainwave entrainment product.

They are:

The Holosync Solution (though perhaps not quite as popular these days, still a worthy contestant)

The Super Mind Academy (training and audios created by Jeffrey Gignac)


Quantum Confidence w/ the Morry Method

again, these have all been selected as contestants because all three of them have considerably high quality brainwave entrainment audios that work well in bringing the brain into the state that the audio is designed to bring it to.

All three of these programs are also high in quality in regards to the orchestration of the brainwave program itself, the materials and information provided, and the support given to the purchaser of the product.

Let’s now briefly explore these brainwave entrainment products, their aims, promised benefits, and actual results. We’ll start with Holosync: 

holosync brainwave entrainment programThe Holosync Solution, a brainwave entrainment program created by Bill Harris, is all about what happens when the ordinary fellow can all of a sudden meditate as deeply as a 20-year experienced Zen monk. The audios are designed to simulate deep meditation, starting you from your waking state at the beginning of the audio and slowly bringing your down progressively through alpha, theta, and ending in delta. The brain is then held in delta for half an hour, and the session is over. One interesting thing about Holosync is that with all the hype these days about isochronic tones and monaural beats, Holosync still sticks primarily to binaural beats.

There is a very specific reason for this, and this is where Holosync’s approach is quite unique from the competition. As described above, there is only one formula for Holosync’s brainwave entrainment regimen. The brain is brought from waking state, slowly down to delta, then held in delta. What is interesting and unique is that the program is divided into levels. With each progressive level, the carrier frequency for the binaural beats is lowered. This has been found to increase stimulation to the nervous system, and actually “exercise” and push the brain to increase its resiliency to input and stimuli. This results in the brain and nervous system evolving to be able to more effectively handle stress.

In short, regular long-term use of Holosync gives one the ability to more resourcefully handle stress, and immunity to negative emotions. 

Overall this is a very effective and powerful brainwave entrainment program. It works. There is also a great deal of support offered (there is a 24/7 support hotline) along with a wealth of very useful and applicable information and free bonus materials.


Some of the downsides of Holosync are:

Bill Harris’s increasingly annoying advertising agendas and affiliate marketing strategies. I emailed Holosync recently to ask a question about their affiliate program and within a few days had several emails from Bill Harris about everything: weight loss, economics/politics, you name it. I also had to unsubscribe twice before being removed from his email list. Another notable downside of Holosync is that it is expensive, and takes quite a while to advance through the levels and attain the results. But again, the results are quite dramatic! 

Let’s move on to the Super Mind Academy brainwave entrainment program 

supermind brainwave entrainment programThe Super Mind Academy, created by Jeffrey Gignac, is not only a collection of brainwave entrainment audios, but is also a 12-month training program, where one is given advanced lessons on conversational hypnosis, goal achievement, emotional mastery, and NLP. The training progression and techniques are based on Jeffrey Gignac’s self-created ART (adaptive response training), which is probably best described by visiting the website and hearing it from the man himself.

Overall this is a fantastic program. The brainwave entrainment audios are very high quality, using some of the most current and state of the art brainwave entrainment technology, integrating isochronic tones, monaural beats, etc. There are a few audios that I have gotten from this program that are still my absolute favorite just because they work incredibly well. The training is also very unique, and does an excellent job at leading you to gradually master some very helpful and interesting techniques for motivating and persuading others, and achieving goals. There is a large focus on emotional state management throughout the whole program which is also incredibly useful.

Some other great benefits of the Super Mind Academy:

TONS of bonus materials, including free brainwave entrainment audios and books that are re-brandable, so you can sell them on your own website, or for your own product/program. I have to say, as well, that many of the bonus audios are some of the coolest that I have come across yet. There are some specifically targeted to improve the language centers of the brain, a few that sweep through the brainwave states to stimulate mental sharpness and IQ, some that bring you into a highly focused state, improve your mood, wake you up, help you sleep, etc, etc.


Also, the Super Mind Academy is only about $20 per month!


The Morry Method brainwave entrainmentAnd now for Quantum Confidence, with The Morry Method: This product is based on the premise that your core beliefs about yourself affect everything else in your life, your success in relationships, the amount of money and wealth you accumulate, etc. I wholeheartedly agree with this premise. The program is designed to improve your level of confidence and self-esteem at the core level, using a collection of brainwave entrainment training, subliminal messaging, guided meditation, and an interesting creation of Morry Zelcovitch’s called a triliminal. I have to hand it to Morry, these audios are also of premium quality!

They work very well, and have many features to them that are not duplicated by anyone else out there. They have a specifically created “white noise” in the background that helps drown out any noise that may be happening in your environment, and keep it from interfering with the brain’s entrainment to the audio. These audios are also specifically designed to produce certain types of endorphins and neuro-chemicals in the brain when listened to. This is a slightly different approach from other brainwave entrainment products.

Once again, this is a great brainwave entrainment product, for a great value. The cost is relatively cheap, it also comes with some good bonus materials, and all of the components in the product come together to work quite well and accomplish the goal of improving one’s core self-esteem. The triliminal is enjoyable to listen to, and seems to work quite well, along with the confidence guided meditation, and the subliminal audios.

One thing that the Morry Method lacks in comparison to the other two is support. The materials themselves are quite “supportive”, but aside from the purchased product, there is not much additional support offered.

So when we compare these three high quality brainwave entrainment products, my personal opinion on which is the best is…… 


(drum roll)


The Super Mind Academy

I base this opinion on the overall quality of the audios, the quality and results of the training materials, the month to month support, and the great price + plethora of great bonus materials. You really do get a lot more than you pay for with this brainwave entrainment program, and walk away from the 12 month training with some skills and techniques that will be of benefit to you for the rest of your life.

Again, I’d like to add that I have spent considerable time with these three products myself, and would personally recommend the Super Mind Academy to almost anyone, whereas the other two I would highly recommend to certain people.

I would also like to draw your attention to the mp3 bundles I have put together to specifically target different areas of your life and personal growth. I have recently been very fortunate to receive rights to offer some of the most powerful brainwave entrainment audios on the market, from my very favorite brainwave entrainment audio maker! These audios are some of the absolute best on the market, using sophisticated orchestrations of isochronic tones, monaural beats, binaural beats, and frequency/sound therapy to help you achieve very powerful and specific states of mind at will. 

They are my favorite, because they are of very high quality.  These audios use a combination of isochronic tones, monaural beats, and binaural beats to produce some very specifically targeted mind-states, conducive to success and happiness in a multitude of ways! 

One is the “Effortless Overachiever” meant to unlock the full potential of your brain (the other 98%) and give you an edge in your work, whatever it may be, that stomps the competition and puts you in the higher ranks of the “above average” category.  This package is great for business (wo)men, artists, athletes, or anyone aspiring to overachieve. 

The other is “Heal Yourself-The Fast Track to Evolution”.  This package contains everything you need to evolve yourself at an unprecedented rate.  Stomp limiting habits, develop unshakable discipline, meditate as deeply as a 30-year monk, and heal yourself physically and emotionally on a very deep level.  There are two audios contained in this package that I am incredibly excited about, as they are breakthroughs in the brainwave entrainment field, and contain state of the art technology.  One is called Speed Healing, and the other is a self-hypnosis audio.

Each of these packages include a guidebook with specific instructions and directions on how to get the most from the audios, and what you can do to super charge your results (this alone is worth the price of both bundles taken together). 

I hope you find this article helpful! Feel free to drop me a line at any time if I can be of help to you or answer any questions!




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