Brainwave Entrainment for Anxiety

Brainwave Entrainment As One Of The Best Natural Remedies For Anxiety  


natural remedies for anxiety and brainwave entrainmentIn recent times, more and more people are beginning to turn towards natural remedies for anxiety, seeking holistic solutions for help with depression and other psychological ailments in place of pharmeceuticals .  And rightly so, as it has become all too common to find that the most popularly used pharmeceutical has recently been recalled from the market for causing potentially serious negative side effects.  It is not uncommon either, for one to try out a perscribed pharmeceutical only to find temporary relief from their psychological ailment (be it resistant depression, stress, anxiety, or panic attacks), and then return to their doctor with the complaint that it “stopped working”.  What a doctor will usually do at this point is perscribe another drug, or sometimes even diagnose the ailment as more severe, in order to perscribe a different type of drug. 

People are becoming more in tune with themselves, and are looking more for a solution that is in balance with their body, mind, and soul.  We are also a lot more keen these days on looking for something to cure the “cause” rather than the “symptoms” of our anxiety or panic attacks. 

This idea can become tricky, however, with psychological issues such as depression or anxiety, as the cause can be deeply rooted in the psyche and subconscious mind, and can stem from a variety of stimuli (events, memories, one’s own self-concept, one’s personal perceptions of the world, social pressure, work life, relationships, etc.)


Some Natural Remedies for Anxiety


natural remedies for anxiety - healthy eatingSome solutions to anxiety can be very simple, such as adjusting one’s diet to reduce carbohydrates, caffeine, etc.  Recent studies have also shown that eating foods containing live cultures like yogurt, kombucha tea, kefir, etc. can be very helpful as well.

When dealing with serious anxiety on a wholistic level it can get tricky.  Often times one begins to explore self-help, hypnosis, NLP, and other “mind power” techniques as a means to help reduce stress and alleviate anxiety.

One powerful and simple solution to anxiety is the regular use of brainwave entrainment audios.  Through the use of specifically selected tones and beats, one can sit with their eyes closed, listen to an audio through stereo headphones, and be led into deeper brainwave states where they can reach deep stages of relaxation.  For more details and information on the specifics of how this process works, check out my How Brainwave Entrainment Works article.


Brainwave Entrainment as a Natural Remedy for Anxiety


Anxiety Self Help Brainwave entrainment is a great anxiety self help method in several different ways.  For one, listening to these audios on a regular basis helps one reach very deep states of mental relaxation, often times deeper than they have ever experienced.  Doing this on a regular basis will help to decrease blood pressure, heart rate, and their overall level of physical stress.  It also gives one confidence in the knowledge that they can set the time aside any day to release the tension they feel and create a comfortable and rejuvenating state of mind.

Secondly, the regular use of brainwave entrainment audios will literally build and improve the neural pathways in the brain necessary to allow one’s consciousness to return to these deeper brainwave states.  In other words, listening to brainwave entrainment literally wires the brain to return more easily to these relaxing states, and to utilize them more naturally in day to day life. 

For example, some people’s brains rarely produce alpha waves (alpha waves resonate just below beta, which is the state of normal day-to-day activity).  These people are almost always stressed out, as it is really the production of alpha waves that facilitate’s the mind and body’s ability to relax.  Once a person with this predicament begins to listen to an alpha brainwave entrainment track, the brain begins to train itself to produce alpha waves, and is regularly being stimulated to move from beta to alpha.  Once the brain has done this several times, it is then much more likely to use this newfound ability throughout day to day function, thus the audios help reduce stress on a day to day basis.

Another great addition to these positive benefits is that regularly listening to any brainwave entrainment track will stimulate the brain to produce many beneficial neuro-chemicals and hormones.  Seretonin and dopeamine are just a few that have been directly linked with helping people feel good, and relieving stress and anxiety.

Now aside from the more scientific effects, regularly reaching these deeper brainwave states while remaining conscious is an exact simulation of meditation, and will grant people deeper access into their subconscious minds, where they can then get a better view of the initial causes of their anxiety, and gain further mastery over their own internal mental processes.

For more information on the effects of brainwave entrainment, and scientific research on this technology, feel free to click on the links above and browse Brainwavelove!

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