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Hi There!

My name is Ashton.

I am here with the hope to make it easy for you to do  yourself some good (and hopefully help you spread the goodness to the world around you, too).

Тhis site was initially created out of my passion for brainwave entrainment - an amazing technology, which in a way saved my life. BrainwaveLove has since grown to become one of the most genuine, most thorough and in-depth self improvement resources on the net. I have made it my mission to literally help you change your life by using the same methods, tools, and techniques that I have been perfecting over the years, and have personally used to transform from a struggling young man to someone, who lives a life of peace, love, and abundance.  Here, I would like to share with you my own personal story with the belief that


It will give you an insight into how brainwave entrainment and meditation can give you the power to drastically improve your well-being


I also have faith that the personal story I am about to reveal will be a source of inspiration and hope in case you are in a place in your own life where you need to make a radical change.

So here it is..

I grew up as a troubled child. I was constantly sick, a borderline hypochondriac...Painfully shy. I felt different. I felt like the world around me was cold, confused, unsafe, and out to get me. I even remember comparing myself to others, torturing my brittle mind with self-destructive thoughts. I also had some serious issues with authority.  By the time I was a teenager, my life was heading down a dangerous road. I began drinking and using drugs at a very young age, while also surrounding myself with people that did not have my best interest at heart. My social anxiety made it very hard for me to build relationships and make friends in school or at work. My one blessing was that I had a supportive family and a good degree of intelligence. These two factors enabled me to slip through graduating high school in a semi-conscious daze, as well as maintain a job in fast-food. 



brainwave entrainment for  troubled teenagersMy girlfriend at the time had just left me for my best friend (yes, it does sound lame, but it’s what actually happened then). I was heartbroken, feeling more alone than ever. I was drinking every day, ‘endowing’ my body with any drug that came my way. The life strategy I adopted at the time was to use ANY means possible to numb out the unbearable heartache, insecurity, and bitterness I felt towards life and myself. I believed I was a pathetic pushover, who couldn't succeed at anything, no matter how hard he tried. If this wasn't enough, my careless and irresponsible lifestyle finally caught up to me and got me into enough trouble to wind up in jail, and narrowly avoid being sentenced with a second degree felony with up to 3 years in prison.

Despite all, some inner knowledge I had was telling me that I am a good person. I’ve always had a soft spot for animals, cared a lot about other people and their feelings, and



I did dream about contributing to making the world a better place. I just could not for the life of me get it together!

There were many nights that I sat up in bed, losing sleep and asking myself why it was that I seemed to be trying so hard, and yet failing so miserably. It all seemed hopeless, and I was pitifully depressed.



brainwave bookI'll never forget the day that a friend of mine placed the first new-age book I had ever seen in my lap, telling me it would be worth my while to put my skepticism aside. Looking down at the cover, I had an eerie feeling of deja vu, and just knew that I needed to read it. Little did I know that this book would throw me into a journey that would last me for the rest of my life.

Here I will cut the story short and save you all internal battles, realizations, dialogues, revelations and moments of enthusiasm and amazement I went through, while reading this and other similar books (spiritual and self-help literature). These things were helping, but I was moving so slowly. The problem was that I just had so many issues to deal with. I was addicted to drugs and alcohol, and I had webs upon webs of unhealthy thoughts, beliefs, and habits. I needed to take drastic action! I needed something powerful. Really, I needed a miracle!

brainwave-meditation-thetaOne of the common denominators I had found throughout all of the spiritual and self-help literature was meditation. It seemed like everyone, who was extremely successful, or spiritually advanced meditated. I figured that this would be the best place to start. Unfortunately, after weeks of attempting to meditate, I was about ready to give up. Generally I would sit for about 5-10 minutes and try something simple, like count my breaths. Usually I would spend the full time struggling to stop thinking about random minutia, and to not forget that I was counting my breath. The times when I did feel like I was making progress, the experience was still just very subtle. I could see that there was an unopened realm for me to explore, but I could also see that it may take years of struggling through these boring, frustrating, and subtle experiences to actually get there.

One day I decided to Google ‘meditation’ to see if I could find an instructor that would be able to help me move faster. After typing in "meditation instruction" there was an ad on the right column of Google that caught my attention: "EFFORTLESSLY MEDITATE LIKE A ZEN MONK AT THE TOUCH OF A BUTTON".  My first thought was, "well that sounds too good to be true", but I was intrigued enough to check it out.


brainwave entrainment technology brainAfter reading all of the information on the page, I was even more convinced that it was too good to be true. Supposedly, with this technology, I could synchronize the two hemispheres of my brain, release HGH hormones, meditate like a zen monk, and push my brain to evolve and reorganize itself at a higher level, simply by wearing some headphones and listening to these audios every day (for more detailed information, visit my introductory article - Brainwave Entrainment Benefits in the Knowledge and Resources section). I'll tell you, I flat out thought it was a load of crap. There was no way!

The idea definitely sounded nice, though. This was enough motivation to try the free binaural beats demo that they were offering. It still makes me laugh to think about how blown away I was after plugging my headphones into the computer, and being in the deepest trance I'd ever experienced within about 8 minutes. Next thing I knew I had woken up from snoring with my chin against my chest. I had been knocked out cold sitting upright in the chair! My thoughts at that point were "HOLY SH***!!!"

I ordered my first level of this program, called Holosync, and faithfully listened to the audios every day.




binaural beats mediations and lucid dreamingThe first benefit I noticed was that I was able to relax while listening to the audios on a level I had never imagined possible. This was causing me to feel much less stressed and overwhelmed about everything in my life, and reaching the deep theta and delta states was rejuvenating me and giving me loads of extra energy.

On top of that, my brain was releasing more positive endorphins than a good workout at the gym every single day. This was spilling over into my time at work and turning me into quite the happy camper. I was starting to get excited each day to come home and meditate with the help of this magical technology. There were even days that I would feel like I was "high", but in a healthy way, and without the drugs. It didn't take much longer for me to begin to prefer this natural, conscious high over the high I got from drugs, and my habitual drug and alcohol abuse began to steadily decrease.

All these new positive emotions and regular relaxation began to have a snowball effect, and I was starting to see manifestations of these positive emotions in my life. Women were beginning to take an interest in me (being able to smile and laugh is certainly attractive), my job was actually beginning to feel fun and more like a game, rather than like a drain of energy and a struggle, and I was making new friends with positive and caring people at work.




blue eye, watchingwas in my awareness. More and more I began to discover my ability to be detached, and more self-aware. There were times when I would almost feel like I was "watching" myself from a distance, rather than being in the thick of everything. This gave me a resiliency to stress and an emotional control that I'd never had before. I was more able to observe and analyze my own thoughts, and when I would have emotional reactions, it was almost like the fire had been taken out of them. It was like I was watching these reactions from a distance, and observing them with interest.

This was when my personal evolution really began to take off at a tremendous speed. As the support materials from the Holosync program stated, ‘Once one becomes fully aware that they are doing something unhealthy to themselves, they cannot continue to do it’. As my self-awareness increased, and I began to trace my non-beneficial thought patterns, my unhealthy, self-defeating emotional reactions, and my painful memories back to their sources, my issues were dropping away like flies.

brainwave entrainment depressionIt got to the point after about 3 months that I was able to "see" the next layer of issues bubbling to surface of my awareness, prepare myself to fully observe it in my life, and then watch it dissolve as I became conscious and aware of it. I can't tell you how rewarding this process is, and it even becomes fun once you get used to it. The whole time I was undergoing this change, I was receiving weekly support letters from Centerpoint Research, the company I had purchased the audios from. They were explaining the process I was going through, and giving me tips and useful information to help me maximize the benefits, and minimize the discomfort in coming consciously face to face with my subconscious issues.




triumphant man in a blue shirtAt work I had broken my company's all-time weekly sales record (my record is still held to this day), and had been awarded manager of the year out of 53 other stores (not bad for a 20 year-old recovering drug addict). At home, I was forming positive and beneficial relationships with friends and women that genuinely cared about me and had my best interest at heart, and spiritually, I was beginning to understand, experientially, many of the things I had read in books that I had previously thought to be reserved only for saints and mystics.

The best part about these things was that I wasn't even trying! I didn't know anything about building sales at work. I didn't really know anything about making friends or succeeding with women, and I wouldn't have known the first thing about having mystic experiences or expanding awareness. I was just focusing on myself, and feeling good, and these positive experiences were just naturally manifesting from my newfound level of happiness and self-awareness.

I continued using the audios for years, and became progressively better at consciously manifesting the life I wanted.

At age 22 I was able to buy a home during one of the lowest points of America's recent economic crisis. I nearly doubled my income by exceeding the standard at work, being promoted, and making regular bonuses. I found an amazing woman to be my girlfriend and travel and vacation with me. But more importantly than these circumstantial things, I was learning to be genuinely happy, to love myself and my life, to consciously choose my emotional states, and to follow an authentic and personal spiritual path that enriched my soul, and helped me feel that I had a purpose in life.

Granted, listening to these audios isn't the only thing I have done to improve my life. I've explored several practices, read many books, dabbled in yoga, NLP, hypnosis, rebirthing, etc., and these have also been very beneficial to me. It is important for me to tell you that of all the things that have had a positive impact on my life,

Brainwave Entrainment Meditation has been one the most powerful and amazing tools I have ever come across, and now, 9 years later, I am still excited about it, and continue to test and explore the newest products available on the market.


happy-young-man-listening-to-music-on-headphones-with-eyes-closed-smilingThough the product that started it all is still a valuable and powerful option, many advances have been made in the making of this technology, and there are plenty of options to choose from that can be tailored just for you, in the specific endeavor you are making in your life.

It is my hope that this site can be enormously beneficial to you, and help you discover the best tool, technique, or practice that will bring you to that next level of personal success, whatever that may entail for you! I offer loads of free information, as well as a FREE COACHING SERIES on my blog, but if you are specifically interested in buying a product, rest assured that




Believe me, I've also tried plenty of duds over the years, and they are certainly not ever going to be endorsed by me. The great news is that many of the best products on the market are also very affordable, and offer a value that far exceeds their price. Instant downloads are beneficial for everyone!

I want you to know that it is my aim to be of service to you. Please also feel free to check out the Knowledge and Resources page, as well as the Free Stuff page, as you will be able to find plenty of useful information to further aid you on your journey with this miraculous technology. I am also more than happy to communicate personally with you, so please feel free to send me an email or leave me some feedback. I wish you the best in life, and promise you that it can be both easy and fun to achieve your goals and work towards living the life of your dreams!

With Love,




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