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  • "Hi Ashton, I have really enjoyed your website and have found the information and reviews to be invaluable." - Miranda Burnet ...

  • “Thanks, Ashton. So much has changed over the last 30 days and especially the last 2 that I feel I may well be able to purchase a more comprehensive program shortly. I will definitely be going through your website to do that." - Judi "Hi Ashton,...

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'I stand for love, kindness, honesty, and integrity in all areas of life and in all forms.'


Below is some of the latest feedback I've received that I hope will inspire you to embark on the magical journey of self-knowledge and exploration!


"Thank you Ashton!! You are awesome!! I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful person you are for what you are doing!! Much love and gratitude to you!



"In today's busy self-centered world, it's refreshing to see someone like yourself take charge to help others change themselves.

Thanks again!

With sincere gratitude, 


"Hi Ashton,

I totally love your emails. Ive been feeling very down for about five years due to the recession and doing unfulfilled work and generally mixing with people who are not on my wave length...Ive started taking care of myself and following my heart. Just like your email says its ok to do your affirmations but if your emotions arent in check things wont run smoothly. 
I havent even reached my dream yet but Im having fun along the way. Thanks for your inspirational emails.
Have a great day!
"It works it really does Ashton. 
Thank you. 

"Hi Ashton Thank you for being kind enough to take the time to reply so thoroughly to my mails. That in itself is already something I wouldn't have expected from someone from an online helpsite. I find a lot of what you say enlightening.

Thanks again for your time. Regards Ken"

"You are simply awesome! Thank you and from reading what led to your own journey to self healing, I feel like I can rely on your own experiences to guide me to my own path in life. 

Hope you are having a beautiful Sunday! Lots of Love, Aileen"

Thank you from all my heart for letting me know how my work has impacted your life! Here are again, some of the most powerful tools that have helped me along the journey:

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